Corporate Governance

Intention of Corporate Governance

All companies either private or not for profit should develop and adopt a corporate governance document that is used as a guideline to dictate the manner in which the business affair of the corporation or organization is governed.

A governance document, once adopted and posted on-line or available to any interested parties can go a long way in promoting a high level of transparency/confidence around how the company/organization functions.

During her tenure with FACTOR, Heather Ostertag, was instrumental in the development and adoption of a governance document for the foundation. This was followed up with the Department of Canadian Heritage engaging the services of the Governance Institute of Canada to conduct a governance audit of the foundation. Included in the audit findings was the following” FACTOR as an organization has a clear sense of purpose and direction, and an understanding of the need to keep up with the changing times. FACTOR has clearly defined conflict of interest policies and codes of conduct, with solid procedures to ensure they are properly implemented.”

We at Heather Ostertag and Associates are committed to assisting companies in having a governance document that will assist them in moving forward with a high level of transparency around the goals and objectives of the company/organization.