Grant Applications/ Funding

“There is no grantsmanship that will turn a bad idea into a good one, but… There are many ways to disguise a good one.” – Dr. William Raub, Former Deputy Director, NIH

This area of expertise is exactly what it says. We at Heather Ostertag and Associateshave knowledge, skills and expertise at assisting people with the creation and completion of grant applications for various funding agencies.

Should you wish to use the services of an Associate at Heather Ostertag and Associates to assist you in applying for financial assistance, we will ensure that:

  • Show that your plan is feasible.
  • Follow granting agency instructions exactly.
  • That your Budget is realistic and well-documented.
  • Make sure it is filed in time,
  • Work closely with the client to ensure all relevant information has been provided.

“If you don’t apply, you can’t get funded.”