Hilary Van Welter

CEO of Ascentia

Hilary Van Welter has spent over 35 years leading expeditions into the future. Her specialty lies in mobilizing players of all sectors – private, public and social, to individually and collectively engage in fundamental and strategic change. Hilary has a special interest in helping her clients explore and successfully navigate the changing business, social and cultural landscapes and frontiers.

Hilary undertakes breakthrough work through her designs of projects that weave together distinctly different perspectives and disciplines to find enriching, and sustainable solutions to significant challenges.

This work and experimentation has led to blended eastern and western methodologies and technologies that help people and organizations deal with the chronic and tough issues in research-based, intelligent and inspiring ways

Hilary is able to draw from a very eclectic portfolio of work: from leadership programs, social innovation initiatives and strategic planning sessions to innovative website and tool design to the creation and running of a Youth Film School.