Jason Sym

My passion, aside from my family, is computers. Making them work and making people who are less passionate about technology comfortable working with them. I have worked with Windows Home Server, Windows SBS 2003, and Windows Server 2008; all versions of Windows from 1.0 to the latest version Windows 7.

I troubleshoot just about anything one could imagine on ALL versions of Windows. I also provide support for hardware. I have built everything from a Home Theater PC the size of 2 DVD cases, to a quad xeon server. I troubleshoot many hardware situations, and work with clients and vendors to ensure quick replacement of any defective parts, whether under warranty or not.

“IT” is a constantly evolving industry. I believe that one can certainly go to school and take courses for things like programming. But when it comes to wide-range tech support, everything is always changing. There is always newer faster hardware, and newer better software. And with all of this newer and better, comes quirks. And that is where I excel. The quirks a client deals with while trying to work with their technology – I am just a call away.

Because of this constantly evolving state of my expertise, I am always learning. I am continually working with new and updated software, working out the kinks for clients. With over 20+ years of experience in working with PC’s I have gained a clear understanding of how computers work. How PC’s flow. How they “think”. A very logical and linear path is always followed. I am inspired to be challenged. Gaining new information to assist clients has always been greatly valued by my clients.

I also believe that a little explanation goes a long way. There are two kinds of people: Those than want to know every detail about what I’m doing. I’m happy to share every detail. The other type is those that do not want to know details. They just want the computer to function in a certain way, end of story. Basically, each user is different, and I feel many techs while able to approach the technical side of things do not provide the personal connection. That is not me. I greet people with a smile and a hand shake, I listen, am always as polite, friendly, and helpful as the user desires.

I have worked in a budget-strapped non-profit environment for over 10 years, and know how important cost effectiveness is. I don’t buy off-the-shelf pc’s, I build them. I use the best, most trustworthy components the budget allows. This allows for a substantial savings in overall cost, but also ensures you’re not getting something built specifically to look nice, but have a low price tag. This usually sacrifices hardware that the average user isn’t going to know to look at, and leaves them less than satisfied after a while.

I am also comfortable with cutting edge hardware; I keep myself abreast of what is being developed/released to allow me to make informed/experienced/knowledgeable recommendations to clients.