Mandy Rushton

Special Events/ Marketing/ Promotions
  • Merchandise and Marketing/Promotions
  • Enthusiastic, dedicated, reliable and focused when called upon to execute an event
  • Consistently delivers outstanding experiences and superior results to clients in the fast-paced world of conference, trade shows and events
  • An aptitude for retaining product knowledge and training staff/co-workers at a moments notice
  • Highly motivated self-starter in both a team and independent working environments
  • Superior customer service, consistently called upon for a variety of campaigns
  • Extensive spokesperson and trade show customer service representative experience across Canada and the United States
  • Crisis Management
  • Ability to manage an array of different personalities in order to prioritize and delegate time-sensitive tasks/jobs
  • Energetic, outgoing people person with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, insightful and empathetic
  • Certified in holistic relaxation modalities; successfully calms and de-escalates high-stressed clients/situations using tact and diplomacy
  • Versatile and adapts to unexpected difficulties and challenging people
  • An intimate 1920’s era based jazz cabaret. Through heartfelt songs and likened personal banter with the audience she tells the story of a modern-day girl in her twenties and her journey to stardom with its big city ups and emotional lows.
  • Also a Jazz singer and cabaret performer, Mandy created a one woman show celebrating music from the 1920’s
  • Tailored song list available for private parties, birthdays and similar special events
  • A powerful performer who can sing acapella, fill a room sans microphone or utilize modern day technology with proficiency.
  • Perfect addition to a prohibition/bootleg theme or flapper party