Mike Denney

President- MDM Recordings

An accomplished Sales and Marketing professional Mike Denney has had an amazing career in the Canadian Music industry. Mike’s career has seen many twists and turns over the years which have eventually brought him to the position he holds today as Owner / President of MDM Recordings Inc, a Canadian Independent Record / Distribution, Management and Consulting Company, catering to Artists primarily in the Canadian Country Music Industry.

At present the country artist roster consists of Bryce Pallister, Alex J Robinson, Jo Hikk, Julian Austin, Chad Brownlee, Hayley McLean, Melanie Doane. Jeffery Straker, Ash Richards and Michael Cuifo round out the roster from the Pop and Classical Crossover genres. The company is distributed in Canada by Conveyor Canada / Universal Music Canada.

Mike’s music industry adventure started in 1987 working for the Handleman Company as a retail merchandiser in the Niagara Region. Since that time he has held National Sales and Marketing Positions with Sony Music Canada, Universal Music Canada and was the Director of National Sales and Marketing for Fusion3 Distribution prior to starting MDM Recordings in the spring of 2008. His tenure at Fusion3 was crucial to giving him the tools and contacts necessary to start his own company.

MDM Recordings is a full service company that works with artists to build their team, give direction and management support, but also provide sales, marketing and distribution infrastructure.