Video Production/Editing

While there are many different types of videos being created and posted on everything from YouTube to Facebook etc. there is strong evidence that the use of video in your company’s website can boost your business. Video marketing can be defined as the use of sound and video instead of static images in online advertising. With the ever increasing reach and the success of YouTube, watching videos online has become an integral part of what consumers do online.

The combination of visuals aided by sound gives a company or organization a great deal more opportunities, including brand impact, education and product demos. Marketers can choose to run ads online and can create video content that can help them meet their marketing goals.

We at Heather Ostertag and Associates can assist you with everything from creating the concept, preparing the script and the shooting and editing of the video. This can all be done in a timely, cost-effective manner. We can also assist in providing talent to appear on the video.